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ssessing Stain Control and Removal in carpet cleaning

When handling tough stains and dirt on your carpets, it can be a pretty hard and challenging job as it may entail seriously considering to continue cleaning such carpets until its pristine condition is being achieved or just let it be and accept the fact that the carpets are already subject for disposal.

Especially if you do a DIY cleaning on your carpets, just because it appears that it is being cleaned does not mean that the stains and all that stubborn dirt have already been removed from the carpets. This is the reason as to why cleaning carpets is a very hard and tedious household chore and it is of this very reason that costamesa-carpetcleaning is sometimes being relied on the professional services of most cleaning companies handling dirty and stained carpets.

What happens after the actual cleaning process?

Now that the areas are being cleaned through the usual and the conventional method and it’s somewhat dry, it doesn’t necessarily need to be fully dried actually. This is the part where any stain residue is still being attempted to be removed. And this this case, the common substance that is being used to try to remove the stain is to use hydrogen peroxide.

  • Hydrogen peroxide is actually an oxygen-releasing product that will actually bleach out the stain that’s there.

This should be applied on the stained carpet gently and carefully. In fact, all we need to do is use just regular household hydrogen peroxide- no need to find a special kind.

  • After you apply the hydrogen peroxide, one should use the ammonia

The reason why ammonia is also being used in carpet cleaning is that it creates a chemical reaction that speeds up the process of oxidation and remove all of the stain. So we want to apply a little bit of ammonia to activate it. That’s where sometimes they use any little brush, not to scrub the area, but to ensure the mixing and penetration of the substance.

And now is the time to wait and see what happens. We have to allow these products to do their job. You could repeat the process if after the first application you don’t get the desired results you can repeat the process, two to three times.


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