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Comparing carpet cleaning laguna Niguel’s Dry Cleaning With Steam Cleaning

As carpet owners, we all know about the dos and don’ts when it comes to owning and cleaning a carpet. Some of us are even knowledgeable with the most common cleaning processes used by the carpet cleaners in cleaning our carpets and rugs.

If you are still a new carpet owner, then it’s high time for you learn them here and now. For all we know, these processes are also used by the professional dr carpetoc.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

  • Refers to a collection of products and methods for cleaning carpets with minimal water usage.
  • There are two basic categories for dry carpet cleaning:
  • Absorbent dry compounds

  • Considered as the “driest” way to clean carpets
  • Contains detergents and/or solvents that are sprinkled over the carpet
  • Compounds dissolve the oily film on the carpet fibers that allows for easy vacuuming of the dirt along with the compounds. This happens after leaving the carpet on a 30-minute dwell time (letting the chemicals do their stuff)
  • No water needed in this process
  • Most commonly used in high traffic areas of commercial establishments
  • May require a deeper cleaning later on
  • Very low moisture (VLM) carpet cleaning

  • Makes use of absorbent material combined with minimal amount of water
  • The wet material is then spread over the carpet, agitated onto it via a machine
  • Encapsulates the dirt and oils in the carpet and dries on their own
  • The encapsulated particles are then vacuumed, leaving the carpet to dry for a period of 1-2 hours
  • Most common concern: cleaning residue left on the carpet
  • Steam Cleaning Method

  • Combines hot water and cleaning agents sprayed onto the carpet under pressure and is vacuumed out
  • New processes involves mounting the chemicals on trucks that deliver them to the carpet using a wand tip
  • Wand tips make it easier to get the most water out of the carpet, avoiding excess wetting and shortening of drying time

No matter what carpet cleaning method you choose, make sure you check it out with a professional before its implementation.


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